Aco StevanovićFounder and CEO of ASTEL PROJEKT

Aco Stevanović PhD,

MSc Electrical engineer
Founder and CEO of ASTEL PROJEKT

A strong business development professional, with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunication industry. Skilled in business planning, project management and negotiation, as well as having strong team leadership skills demonstrated repeatedly throughout his 38 years long career.

Aco built his professional reputation in various roles and positions. His main field of expertise is radio communication, especially radio diffusion.  As a responsible designer he has signed thousands of projects such as the designing of UHF/VHF functional radio; mobile radio base stations, radio relay links, functional radio networks, VSAT stations, optical networks etc.  He was also hired for providing consulting services for UHF data Transmission System Design for Digital Radio Network at the Kolubara River Pilot Basin.

Posses profound knowledge in the field of public and local self-government administration and subject legislation in the Republic of Serbia. He has occupied several positions in the Ministry of telecommunications during 4 years and 2 years in General Secretary.

Author of ASTEL SOFTWARE which attests to his profound knowledge of the methodology and science behind calculations used for the design of telecommunication systems.

Holds Licenses of Serbian Chamber of Engineers:

  1. Licence 353 8730 04 – Responsible designer engineer licence for telecommunication network and system
  2. Licence 453 E702 10 – Responsible contracting engineer licence for telecommunication network and system
  3. Licence 353 9850 04 – Responsible design engineer of electro-energetic installations of low and high voltage

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